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Welcom To homefront outreach

The Jesus Family Forum (aka Homefront outreach) is in partnership with God the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit to create platforms for the salvation of your soul and that of your family success in your marriage and every area of your life, as well as provide the services necessary for the fulfillment of the destiny of your entire family. That is what we call Vision SSS (Salvation, Success and Service).

Revelation Ministries a.k.a Jesus Family

The Revelation Ministries Inc. was founded by God Almighty on the 8th of August, 1987, as the culmination of the various dimensions of visions and revelations of God in to Rex and Esther Fubara-Manuel, and spanning over several years. The mandate of God in this peculiar ministry is to carry the message of God’s immeasurable love to a dying and ungrateful world in a unique evangelistic manner, reaching to all segment of human beigns’ natural and spiritual experiences, and then harnessing these gains into various church groups, for the purpose of discipleship, fellowship, and the production of men and women trained and skilled to adopt unusual and not-too-common methods to “do the work of an evangelist and fulfill your ministry” (2Timothy 4:5).

Jesus Family Publications

bookBy the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Pastor (Dr.) and Pastor (Mrs.) Rex Fubara-Manuel have penned insightful and exciting books that brings message of hope for the hopeless and wisdom for the building up of genuine Christian lives in marriages and families.

Visit Homefront Publications to view our collection of insightful books.

Homefront Conferences

Homefornt messages is aired in Calabar, Nigeria to bring the genuine love of God to His Children. Tune in to Cross River State Broadcasting Corporation, CRBC television every Sunday by 7am to 7:30am for a fresh word from God through Pastor (Dr.) and Pastor (Mrs.) Rex Fubara-Manuel on marriage and family life.

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